Silfrek Campaign

Session 55

Corgryn gets info on the Order of the Purer Self – Surging river (east and north), blackwater falls, head toward Brefyk cliffs and take welcome trail (for initiates) and flaring slopes (difficult path, but can bypass trial).

Amastacia is a bitch. Belarra is frustrated with her.

Mordecai finds other woman from vision, She is being taken care of at a house of healing, she is catatonic. It seems as if Amastacia pays for her to stay here.

Barbs of Loviatar – enjoy the pain their victims, Hali is one of them.

Give Amastacia the potion of mind reading to speak with comatose woman. Overhear name Bishop Sepret, something about broken vows, apologies, and Halyxarus gave me this.

Sees Haly every 6 months or so, but randomly and is a loose checkin about their other sister (comatose) Dellahne. And hers is Winphira. Dead girl is Gilfnoa, another sister, the youngest, she took her own life, but there is a man to blame. Haly gave her a heptagram – symbol of supreme 7 (the ‘gods’) – but this one is inverted to represent seal of death gods which keeps them bound to shadowfell. She was told to keep it on her person at all times, Dellahne has one as well.

Session 54
Shopping / Downtime

We start with 8735gp (before selling creepy breastplate).

1000gp goes to my Arcanum college dues + first month of 300gp.

605gp for Tyler’s list above (I added 3 more silk rope to be safe – with 5 total everyone gets one). Let me know if anyone else want mundane items. Russ – do you want to keep track of these items (minus the ones Tyler takes for Mordecai) to your BoH?

704gp for Naivarra’s daggers

375gp for rapier

900gp for 3 gem transfers (entangle, poison, blue gem)

180gp for Mordecai’s belt

1100gp for umberhulk armor

  • This list will take 12 days of +1 item crafting, 9 days for the gem transfers, 11 days for armor, 6 days for the belt (I’m assuming these tasks are done by separate groups). All told, I would say at least 2 weeks to get this all done.

Leaving us with 3571 gp

Necklace and breastplate are dedicated to Baphomet the demon – get 600gp

Wyna Folcey has client interested in maps/texts that deal with mountains of Violent Rise, the Olcaer Forest, lore of vanishing isle, mothers rest hills.

Mordecai’s ‘feelings’ lead him to a half-elf he saw in a vision who is related to Halyzarus. She is Amastacia and she was with a dead girl named Gifnoa.

Grizza Ideel (white tiefling who tried to Naivarra, puffin). She started name of White Heart which the populace takes up calling us and giving us small trinkets. She has been spreading word of needing to fight against Hukumdar since they have enslaved people in the past. She offers to join on future adventures.

A large portion of main crop which feeds people of Violetcliff was destroyed in coordinated attack which is part of reason for food shortage. Silver dragonites are investigating this attack. Also with bad winter, have not been able to plant early spring crop (month into spring without warming of weather). Also white dragon may be causing issues – party which was sent to kill has not returned.

Rumors of Orc horde army marching up east coast of Silfrek. Also a white dragon (not one from Wyvernfield) has caused avalanche in Champion’s pass and taken it over. Violetcliff mobilized remaining army/guards to go to orc army since most of army is on West coast in stronghaven due to aggression with Hukumdar.

Belarra pays 5g for Moonbeam to get information from about Amastacia. Helps people that she respects, but tough nut to crack. Will talk to her next session.

Session 53

Battle Black Hand guys, and destroy them, but Nairvarra is killed. She is revived with the help of Sunbringer Unig. Gleis is cleansed. Dorsidhion gets a thistle from the snowdrop lilly, which empowers his staff of healing.

Over a mage say he thinks this is an unnatural winter. Head librarian – Xaril Random (Tiefling)

Sell all the things: Total gold 7735

Quartermaster is still out (has been for 4 months) on a hush-hush mission. Meet Tim-Tam who is her substitute. He reveals that she studies transition from Fey-Wild to Prime Material Plane and she is looking to invert it.

To Sell to Wyna Folcey: Breastplate made of skulls (appear alien): To sell
– necklace with insignia (skull swordfish, it feels creepy) (Belarra wants to try to get a good price for this)

To Buy:
Javelins (x3)
Alch fire (x3)
ball bearings (1 set)
vials (x10)
glass bottles (x5)
caltrops (2 sets of 20)
health kit (x2)
Iron spikes (1 set)
silk rope (x2)
potion of healing (x5)
oil (x5)
steel mirror
holy water (x5)
Total: 475gp

To Do at Arcane College: Entangle on Yorkin, 2 1 daggers for Naivarra, move poison gem to dagger, +1 katana with demon gem moved into it (1 half-plate, +1 bow, +1 shield).

Umberhulk armor to craft:
Grappeling Belt
Vials of preservation

Tally of Underdark Loot

^From high elven tower: 4
– gyroscope, frame (Precious metal): To Sell (~125gp)
– 2 chalices: Given Away

^From underdark:
-4 (13lb) chunks of unrefined quartz: To Trici
– Hunk of unknown metal [Taken from zorn, rock monster]: To Trici

^From Nairuth:
– a jeweled crown with images of sea creatures: Given Away
– black and silver silk robe: To Sell (30g)
– a potion of mind reading (Dorsidhion)
– 1 pearl: To sell (100gp)

^From Raree:
– Magical coral necklace (transmutation magic) Necklace of Adaptation (Dorsidhion)
– Javelin with runes – The gem allows you to cast entangle 1x per day. Can move the gem, must be attuned: To Mordecai
– bag with fluffy — Gray Bag of Tricks: To Dorsidhion

^From Merrow:
– Breastplate made of skulls (appear alien): To sell
– necklace with insignia (skull swordfish, it feels creepy) (Belarra wants to try to get a good price for this)

^From Grell:
– 3 nice pearls: To sell (300gp) – For Naivarra’s recovery
– Iron Band Billarro {sphere with runes and circlets around it (transmutation magic)} (Naivarra)

^From vein in underdark:
– Find large chunks of: topaz, amethyst, tourmaline (100-500g each): To Trici
– Small diamond: To sell (250gp).
– Chunk of unknown metal from before: To Trici
– 9 hunks of carelian: To Trici

^From beholder:
– Ring of Evasion attuned: Belarra
– Ring of Regeneration attuned: Corgryn
– Ring of XRay Vision attuned: To Naivarra
– central beholder eye in good condition {worth 400gp}: To Sell (Belarra wants to get more for this)
– 10 eye stalks (with Mordecai) {200gp total – 20gp each: For Mordecai to decide
– Helm of Teleportation: 4 charges that don’t recharge: Bag of Holding
– Manual of Bodily Health: +2 to Constitution: Naivarra
– Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments: Dorsidhion
– Potion of Invisibility: To Naivarra

^From Cliand:
– Scroll of blight: To Dorsidhion
– potion lightning resistance: Corgryn
– potion of mana: To Belarra

– *Black pearl stone – 500g if get it refined (100g unrefined): Currently with Trici
– Tentacle Rod: To sell
– Mace: 6gp

Party gold:
5175 gp – Party gold from all adventures

+ 775 gp – things in this list that were sold

- 715 gp – Sim’s Resurrection

- 800 for Naivarra Ressurection

Total party gold: 4435

+ To sell things we sell:

Hunks of gems – 1800gp
Tentacle Rod – 1000gp
Eye stalks and Beholder eye – 1300gp
Breastplate and necklace with creepy skulls: Next session
Umberhulk eyes: 200g

- cost of researcher position at Arcane College: 1000g

Total: 7735

Session 52
The one where stupid ashley wasn't here to take stupid notes

Dorsiethion finds a horse. It’s Naivara’s.

There’s a giant crowd at the front of Violetcliff. Soldiers are hanging out food to the people of the underdark. The knights are the Silver Dragon Knights. These dudes are super elite. This is some sort of supply caravan that the knights are protecting. Two of the grain silos in town exploded and this appears to be a big problem.

Got info from Lt. Dumein about the results of the one shot.

Resurrected Sim.

Naivara met with the Poison Master of the Whisper, Phera, and got some glass things that help her apply poison. Phera also offered an apprenticeship. She asked Naivara to hunt some nearby wyverns and return with the poison. Helped Naivara make poison out of the grell tentacles.

Completed the ritual to restore the black hand. Belarra’s arcane focus had a strong reaction to the elemental lightning. Dorsidhion was able to retrieve Pavel’s soul and revive him.

Three members of the black hand showed up and pulled long black swords out of the ether.

Session 51

Come out of underdark. Met by guard and captain. Captain is pissed that Sim is dead, Mordecai reams into her because Sim was courageous and awesome. We head back to Violetcliff post-haste. We encounter Cliand on the way back and he has some mini-beholders with him. He wants his spellbook back and to kill Belarra.

Cliand’s body has:
Scroll of blight, potion, potion of mana.

There is a pot of green glowing stuff. It is an alter to tharizdun the god of madness. Also there are stones near the altar – Stones of Xuazal

Session 50

Beholder used an oracle who used the pool. The pool has divination magic with an abjuration glyph in the center. Need code words to use.

The gnomes seem to have been charmed. They are now shell shocked. Find room of statues with gold/silver inlay. Find Isaak’s father’s head. Many different creatures here. Belarra sketches/takes notes on ones she is unfamiliar. Oracle is a grey dwarf. She is blind and we cannot communicate with her. We find the Beholder’s store rooms.

- A shelf with a total of 8 potions. You recognize 4 of them as potions of healing, and two of them are potions of greater healing. [potion of invisibility (to Naivarra), superior potion of healing] (1 regular, 1 greater to Mordecai; 1 regular, 1 greater to Belarra)
- There is a satchel with a variety of colorful dyes. [Mistal’s marvelous pigments]
- A stone bust of a contorted face of fear with a helmet not made of stone. [conjuration magic]
- A collection of bones and exoskeletons

  • Books:
    - Manual of Bodily Health
    - The Codex of Aban {Draconic}
    - The Avin Shards {Elvish}
    - XXXX {unknown, same as Cliand’s black book}
    - XXXX {unknown, same as Cliand’s black book}
    - The Hilemo Slates {Giant} [Give as gift to giants]
    - The Compendium of Shadow Worlds {Elvish}
    - X the Mystic’s Rules of Dungeon Survival {Common}
  • Wealth:
    - 1 Fire opal
    - 4 Rough Pieces of Onyx [Give 2 to giants]
    - 6 Shards of Sardonyx [Give 3 to giants]
    - 2 Blue Spinel
    - 23 lbs. of gold dust
    - 37 lbs. of silver dust

Head with giant and gnomes to stone giant home (off to right on map). The Volkhvzhret is the giant leader. Appears she is a statue, she is blindfolded . After receiving gifts of giant tome and some gems, she removes blindfold and has grapefruit sized diamond eyes and turns friends back to flesh. Isaak is condemned for having disobeyed giants and attacking beholder. Mordecai and Raxis speaks with Volkhvzhret.

Drop off gnomes, buy lizards of from them for 30gp .

Session 49
Out of the Underdark?

We make shitty plans (aka none), Mordecai makes a corrylian relfective shield to stop eye rays. We feel like we are being watched and fail to take heed so we walk into a trap of bugbears.

Fight with beholder with Isaak’s help. Kill it. Corgryn is stone, retrieve stone Naivarra.

From beholder: transmutation (haste), healing, and unknown magic rings- attuned items; central beholder eye in good condition, 10 eye stalks (with Mordecai)

Session 48

**New Inspiration and skill check rules.

Chukhofu is beholder. 4 gnomes guard his pool (don’t know what is inside). Kellen speaks common. The pool has divination magic associated with it. Give gnomes the umberhulk eyes as a trophy. They ask for Belarra as a trophy. Then Chukhofu —appears.

Naivara is paralyzed and turned to stone. Dorsidhion shapes her into stone wall to keep her safe for now. Get out of Beholder’s lair but leave Naivara is left behind.

Find large chunks of: 1 topaz, 1 amethyst, 1 tourmaline [2 lbs each]. Small diamond. Chunk of unknown metal [15 lbs] from before [21lbs total]

Come across a giant. We yell out that we are friends. He appears rock-like and has runes on his cheeks. Corgryn spars with the giant to test their strength against each other. He impresses the giant. The giant asks for aid in his quest. Giant protects us while we sleep.

Giants name is Isaak Grigorievich. Wants to destroy the evil eye.


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