Silfrek Campaign

Session 72

From previous – Find 2 scroll cases (scatter, thunderstep → Belarra) and 2 potions (gaseous form → Dorsidhion, greater mana = 2d4+2 → Dorsidhion). Stone with glyph picked up (luck stone, attuned, +1 all saves and skills → Corgryn). And a rod (immovable rod → Dorsidhion).

We get a fan (of wind) from the air portal, and a decanter (of endless water) from water portal → both Mordecai

Robes of eyes (attuned → Belarra), wand of chain links (wand of binding with 21 charges do not recharge → Dorsidhion), 700g, necklace with pendant (Jubilex).

In the pool to the north, there was a few items (no longer there anything there). Elves probably stole it.

Wizard we attacked in Violetcliff is working with Lte Dumain to scry on Lamont. He is currently in the mountains north of us. Violetcliff seems to be doing well with regards to Black Hand. Also, portal has been used (mainly on low level people) to cure people who give information. Information may be spreading that it exists. Gleis and Pavel want to head back to guard the portal.

Now will determine if go to Whiteport or monk people.

Session 71

We find the magic circle and when interacting it with (and casting a fire spell), a fire elemental appears. Find tapestries and symbology which shows that forgotten people were here. We find a portable hole (Dorsidhion).

Find 2 scroll cases and 2 potions. Stone with glyph picked up.

Session 70

May possibly make a deal to give Key and Z money for what they were offered for the mcguffin and we can then take it back to Wyna.

In this dungeon, 4 armed guys and large green skinned fiend – all can teleport. Also many mephite types to the south.

We head north to deal with big guy first. Banish him and kill everything to the North except a black ooze. There is a green pool with something at the bottom.

We will go south next week.

Session 69

Coffin maker around Lavender’s village. Odd that gnome was going out as traveling coffin salesperson. Half-orc woman tells us that gnome was interested in the burial mounds. How they opened, interested especially in the older ones.

We encounter a child you says he’s seen a gnome. His name is Phiwip. He leads us to an alley where he confronts us as the gnome. He has illusion capabilities. His name is Guthrok.

He and Bessina got a job from Wyna in Lochgrass (on way to Whiteport). Met a contact in Lavender’s village. Go to a barrow to get the item. Some one grabbed Bessina in the barrow. Almost grabbed Guthrok, but he got away.

He has a brooch that protects him from magic being detected.

We go to talk to town guard. Get permission to look in barrows. Have to bring a guard with us who stays outside.

Enter a secret passage behind a resting place which leads into an unworked passage (similar to one in kobold caverns). Leads to a spiral staircase, there is a light down there. Find tracks at top of stairs, gnome and halfing, 3 medium humanoids, and two tracks with awkward gait (one dragging a foot and one with a sideways foot).

Come upon some creatures at the end of the stairs. They say there are intruders, get Zavarah. Attack the creatures. Go inside a room with two half-elves who are stuck. Male has a symbol which says prey in abyssal. There names are Z and Key.

They are holding Bessina. And will kill her if we try to attack them or get to her.

Session 68

Decide to head north toward Lochgrass.

Dorsi’s node is ok, but there is one South that feels off.

Belarra is visited by Biero in her dreams – amulet doesn’t protect from that. Biero is being a dick. She cannot rest.

One of the hags offers to help with our ‘sleeping’ issues. Lantern which prevents ethereal travel and attack on dreams. We try to bargain and she doesn’t accept and leaves.

Belarra cannot rest again that night.

We enter Lochgrass. No magic allowed in town. Go to Temple of Helm. Show papers of deputization to head – Meliora Copp.

Naivara is looking for whisper member – halfling Basinna Pott.

The drug has not been a big issue in Loch Grass. Dragon has not bothered them, but there are issues with kobolds in the area to the south.

Naivara speaks with the Whisper contact – Tiefling ( Culvato) at the inn. Basinna was in Lochgrass about a month ago. She had a companion Nathye? (a gnome), heading to Whiteport. Seemed to have an interesting lead. She left her stuff at the inn.

Most of the farmers that winter in the town have not left yet because of the kobolds and it is still too cold. Foods stores are low. Frost giants have not been raiding. Naivara finds a message in thieves kant with a flower, down/underneath, a square (fortress, crossing, place).

Belarra and Corgryn go to look for info on gnome/halfling. Have not seen another gnome or halfling in this town. Seems to be prejudice against smallfolk in this town. Arnulf a townsperson says that a gnome seemed to be a coffin salesman.

Naivara learns about her parents from her father figure.

Session 67
Of wyverns and poison

Head up mountain led by Naivarra and Mordecai – Raxis pulls at him. He is able to see a vision through a portal. Then a mountain peak crumbles revealing a extremely large skeleton with a sword through its heart (as large as a mountain). It is related in some way to Raxis.

Biero’s patron is the devourerer – Maw, Agir, Belfour the gluttonness. Gruumsh and Surtur and Sobek are his allies. His enemy is Moridan. The Daghdha and Tyr are also not friends with him.

Hear some giants on the mountain. It is a half-giant, half-dragon who has been hunted. We fight but then are able to converse. His name is Jogvir Nveryioth. There is a very full bag of unknown items.

Got poison from wyverns. Now we need to decide to do next thing.

Session 66

Decide to bring to temple of Bahumut in Merrifield. Have Helm of Teleportation ready to go if need be. Leaving ever-smoking bottle in tomb to help with protection.

Have leader cured of green-eyes.

Head to Merrifield, Biero sends illusion to confront us on the way – he offers us paltry things for the bloodstone, we refuse. We head to Merrifield and speak with Priest Alebrewer at temple of Bahumut. Give him the bloodstone in Dorsidhion’s bag of holding and the helm of teleportation. He gives us a scroll of protection from fiends and from fey.

Plan to head to wyvern nest to get poison. Then to Violetcliff to get scroll to imitate bloodstone magical signature. Then perhaps to Dorsidhion’s grove.

Session 65

Defeat black hand outside of cave. Find 400gp in tent. Find journal of black hand. Says place silver in hand to open it. The armor that lines the crypt comes to life. Had sent pustaloids in to attack. Heard roaring flames and the pustaloids would sometimes act weird (possibly stop attacking).

Male dwarf with shield (shield) – Duvald Greatpike, female human with sword (warrior) – Maybelle Laverick, male human with book (chronicler) – Edmund Diggles, small humanoid – ruined statue (betrayer). Mordecai reassembles broken statue – it is a male dwarf with name Lennox Bloodtank, carrying two daggers

St. Millesant is patron of warriors and motherhood. Murels of her on the wall, depicting her coming into sainthood. Also fighting giants.

When Dorsidhion goes forward, the suits of armor move to stop him. Male dwarf with shield sacrifices himself to save Millesant but is later revived by Silfrek.

As move forward light in crypts shift color (shield to green, betrayer to yellow). Spirits of heros inhabit the armor. We don’t make headway with the shield – wants us to prove ourselves as better protectors. We go to betrayer and learn he agrees with our desire to protect the populace and lets us pass. Speak with chronicler – let’s us pass since we want knowledge and show we are of pure intent.

Biero wants to sculpt land of Silfrek itself by using a gargantuan sacrifice. He needs the bloodstone for this purpose. Abyss is involved. Those who use green eyes are not only addicted but could be use as a focus for chaotic energy. (Ingrediants from fey wild and abyss). To cure people need act of greater magic / gods. So green eyes people may be sacrifice.

Hulk out people have focus contained within necklace which allows a demon of the abyss to inhabit their body. Hags are involved with demon pacts.

Tells us St. Helena may have more info on Green Eyes.

Session 64

The inn where the Black Hand is staying is the Thirsty Porter.

Go to leader’s house. Take out black hand guard. Find dwarf leader and learn that put silver in Millesant’s hand. But 4 spirit’s guard tomb: betrayer, shield, warrior, chronicler. Two black hand’s were at inn (they come to house and we killed them). Two more are with elf (Gaillarde) at tomb.

Find two potions – potion of mana (Mordecai) and potion of vitality. Vial of poison.

Find letter says: 3 bandits, a new cluster of pustaloids, two priests, and two heralds – if that doesn’t do job, cannot help you Probably backup that will arrive this evening.

Come upon Gaillarde and get into battle.

Session 63
On the road again

Kill snow-elves. We find: Pair of nice boots (Boots of Tracks), potion (fire resistance), 6 gems (moonstones 50g each), snow-drop lily, 2 more ice seeds

Boots of Tracks: While wearing these boots, you can command them to leave tracks identical to those left by any other creature. You may choose which creature you will emulate; it must be no more than one size larger or smaller than you.

We know that the bloodstone is associated with St. Millisant.

Black hand have taken over this town. Elven woman took over town. Tried to send messengers out, but none have come back. Some people come down from upstairs who frighten the whisper contact Naivarra was talking to.

We decide next time we will strike on elven woman and then other 3 black hand members since they seem close to getting the bloodstone.


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