Silfrek Campaign

Session 80

Reward of 1000gp for retrieving Lamont – Enemy of the Duchy. The silver dragonknights have been sent by King after request from Duke. They seem to be making more of a headache for Lte. Dumain since they are not subtle. Many of the leaders seem to have gotten away. Mid and upper cliff activities have slowed. Under cliffs still have drug being pushed.

Belarra offers to scry on Black Hand members for Lte. (Serlo Strag) – he is a human. Speaking with 3 allies (2 dwarvers, 1 gnome). Telling where drugs should be sold and how to push those outside of Violetcliff (east). Appears to be in an alley near a pub with a ram’s head, but he is not Violetcliff.

Wizard you helped Lamont has been scrying on him. The cleric who was helping was executed.

Belarra and Mordecai attacked in market by assassin. Unable to catch. Woman had red markings on her face and dark cloak.

A guard – Evelatt Paddock – comes to supervise. The dead assassin has three phase moon tattoo which is symbol of Long Night.

Priestess Petronella helps with speak with dead. The headquarters are between the two moons. If contract completed, paid by those who sit high above. Only the cycles of the moon can end the contract. The light brings life, night death, the moon is our command and to only who we answer. Other assassin is their elite.

Long Night is assassin’s guild, not limited to borders of Silfrek. They are pricey. They use magic. There are rumors of them being on other planes. Between the moons probably refers to between the planes. They have death priests associated with them. Bhaal (god of murder) is their patron god.

Note areas in pass where things have been moved on Elfspond side but not able to determine much.

Large dark room (100ft wide), some small sconces. 30ft sqaure Flat stone slab in middle. Haly is putting on gauntlets. Stands next to sickly man with many scars on his face. He points up at large stone columns on edges of slab. Another human comes up with left eye gauged out. His left hand has 6 fingers (2 thumbs). Preparations are almost complete. 7 figures in black robes surround. In center is 12ft creature made of the stars. Each limb has chain to a pillar. Figures are carving into the creature. It is screaming horribly. Dark viscous liquid with stars is pouring off dripping into basin, covering slab. There is a pile of bodies nearby and some weakened humanoids nearby chained to wall. 8ft tall goliath walks in, scared. Says fortifications are secure and fort Caer is in well defensed position and tribe will defend with their lives. He has longbow, blade and 2 war drums.

Session 79

Everyone rounded up and brought to pavilion across the ravine. Corgryn and Mordecai are affected by the days of not having eaten. Corgryn is near death.

Oracle is at top of tower (magically warded). Working on scrolls and letters. Her room has many mirrors, pools of water, reflective surfaces.

We return to the town nearest the mountain pass, where we left our horses. Meet a human man in ornate gold, yellow, and red robe. Inez Keh hands us sealed scroll with symbol of Eldath. Scroll from Pavel, the order of Sylvannus want to take back the node the hags took. Biero has been impossible to scry, but think having node will help. Need Dorsidhion’s help but need to get around hag contract. They have scryed on Lamont – he was underground. He traveled west of Violetcliff. He is near town of Oakmond, likely holed up in abandoned mine owned by Silverstone Conglomerate. Pavel is travelling with Sylvannus to meet with Dorsidhion.

Inez worked with Berwin Heavygut to develop alchemical concoctions to help with Green Eyes.

Something about going through the pavilion caused the hunger and exhaustion to take effect.

Dorsidhion leaves. Party heads toward Oakmond and stop in Violetcliff.

Meet with Glice. He has been helping with portal and converting black hand underlings. Westergrass has fallen to an orcish army. The silver flame has fallen. Army gathered at Strongcourt and Stronghaven. Champion’s pass is wrecked by dragon.

Orb ability:
- Any conjured creatures gain temporary hit points equal to your proficiency modifier x the level of the spell.
- Your Intelligence is increased by 2
- Any ability check to dispel a conjuration spell you cast is made at disadvantage. A conjuration spell of 6th level or higher always requires an ability check regardless of what level dispel magic is cast at.
- You can teleport as a bonus action 30 ft.
(Connected to the Forgotten)
They were humanoid. Art found throughout Silfrek and northern Hukumdar. Proficient in arcane – items scattered, but mostly found. Disappeared mysteriously about 2000 years ago.

At temple of Tier, majority of people have gone to Strongcourt. Joseph is there and doesn’t know how to do anything really when Mordecai asks for their help with a sword. Go to Tim Tam instead. Mordecai’s sword will be ready in 4 days.

Info from Besinna: Something peculiar is happening north of Whiteport – probably related to Black Hand. Also rumors of ghosts on Misty Isles. Also bay is unfrozen (peculiar).

Linda Bond is a whisper contact in Elfpond (on way to Oakmond). The Black Hand in Elfpond are raiding pass and plan to block the pass, but don’t know when.

Session 78


Prime sighted and deputy (Tristram) can likely remove curse
Transparent one and prime sighted knew of green eyes and wanted to help.

Corgryn talks with sighted and it’s hard to know if he passed or failed.

Cancharri came from quiet temple (speak through storms). He been able to speak with transparent one and enjoys conversing. He was told to vet the order, but he has no urgency to return. Eventually plans to return to monastary. He likely will leave soon due to war, but believes war will not effect this temple as harshly. He seems to have a way to get around travelling by ship. Canchari did not fight with Transparent One – thinks it would be unwise to do so.

Naivarra is making poisons and hunting. Dorsidhion is stringing together goodberries for use as suppository.

Naivarra finds a glacier cavern. Belarra says the group should not go. They press her for information and she reveals she has been talking to dead people and there is a sword ‘Dragonsbane’ in the cavern which is must be used to kill a powerful White Dragon. Mordecai wants to go.

Transparent One is an elf with droopy ears. He is soft spoken. He knows Corgryn has anger issues. Corgryn confronts him about newness of order and possible connection with Black Hand. He says order came from land of wood elves. They have temples in other lands. He does not seem to acknowledge that there is connection between order and black hands/green eyes, says he knows ‘some’ people at temple have green eyes. He is probably lying about what happens to people who don’t make it. Says they are working toward fighting evil and temple is recruiting soldiers. Says Fifou was not searching for truth when Corgryn asks about him. Fifou said he thought transparent one was not worthy, so he attacked him and was injured. Corgryn calls him out on his lies and he is asked to leave (forcefully) along with the rest of the party.

Corgryn is escorted out by Tristram and Sientia. Corgryn tries to tell Sientia about connections between Transparent One and Black Hand. Silence is cast on Corgryn. Once they get outside Tristram tells Corgryn he cannot speak.

Corgryn attacks the monks. They knock unconscious. Dorsidhion sees this and sends pixies to the rescue.

Session 77

Martin doesn’t actually have the sight. The sight consists of premonitions, rule on the monks of this temple who have done wrong or not doing well, recruit new disciples and convince people to join. .

Mordecai convinces Corgryn to stay and work through ranks at temple to meet with transparent one. They train with initiates.

Dorsidhion, Naivarra, and Belarra learn more about temple – some places have magic, some places only certain monks can access.

Mordecai meets Florence who is follower of Semuyana. He is starting a gang of acolytes who he is helping.

Cogryn is gung-ho about the doctrine and is asked to help with the meditation and does really well assisting those who are struggling.

Tristram uses medallian which activates runes to get into further purple tower. Takes Belarra into sighted lab – it has alchemy set, arcane material components, some tomes, silks, some rings and gems, but no armor/weapons. One book deals with planar travel.

Fifoo is avoiding us, Dorsidhion realizes he has some internal problem which is causing him to limp. He has been eating. He got his ass kicked by the transparent one. He was tested when they fought and is still injured from the attack. Part of his liver is missing. It does not appear to be magic or poison or anything Dorsidhion can assess.

Session 76

Corgryn chats with tiefling – Tem. He tells him that the monks of this order don’t eat.

There are some monks that have tattoo of eye in center of forehead, another with shaved head with eye tattoos across head, another with eyes on hands. Tristram – the deputy prime sighted. The oracle – prime sighted. Ask Belarra if she has the sight. They see the past and future, have insight into people. One is called Martin Kerslake.

Dragon-born is Canchari Delmirev from Jamunga (temple of Talos – god of tempest). He’s been at monastary for a week but he can get around ice easily, been in Silfrek longer. He is a neat freak.

Tenets of this order is to purify themselves of poison – consider food to be poison. Canchari has met the transparent one. People who come here wish to purify themselves of sickness, poverty, etc. Founded by transparent one, about 7 years ago. He has not seen anyone with Lamont’s description but there are several dwarves.

Sighted (have insight into people) and spires (people who protect) – they have been out recruiting.

Instead of meals they sit around and chant. Belarra and Corgryn join.

Note: transparent one is Honorable Hagmar Siannodel who corresponded with Lamont. Process is slower than expected but should deliver units as expected. What are units?

Many of the more novice monks (yellow only robes) have indications of having used green eyes (heavy use). Not seen in any higher level people.

Corgryn is caught trying to eat. Note – the not eating may not be required of Canchari but is required of Tem and Corgryn. Have not seen Fifou.

Ethereal crab is following Belarra since around 5th challenge on mountain path.

Session 75

Attacked by wind things and an earth elemental. Possibly sent by Squirrel Kicker

Fifou gets 5th talisman. Corgryn is mad.

The Arcane College is being attacked (Westergrass). Need to protect silver flame – aka the Duchess of Borgland.

Gervais Gerdler – a monk of the pinacle – greets us. Fifou can meet with the transparent one since he has the tokens. Corgryn is going to go through battle so he can also meet the transparent one. He has to stay with the initiates. We can stay in the guest chambers.

The temple is very opulent. Gervais does not let on how the money was gotten.

White dragonborn is also in the guest quarters. There is a tiefling of the temple of Pholtus (order of light) who is also with initiates.

Session 74

Grandma Fostramma asks Corgryn to give his hand in marriage to her granddaughter Grecia. After much stubbornness, Corgryn agrees with plans to create a kebob stand with his new wife as cook. Corgryn gets his talisman. We leave Grecia for the moment and continue along the path on the owls.

Come across Fifoo the kua-toa we met in the Underdark. He seems injured.
He tells us that we need to get 5 talismans in order to gain access. Belarra charms him to give us his talismans. Dorsidhion and Mordecai take umbrage with this and instead we work with him to get the 4th talisman. Defeat a ice golem and get 2 talisman’s – one for Corgryn, one for Fifoo.

Session 73

Whisper now wants Besinna to steal from Black Hand since they have accumulated a lot of money. Besinna’s expertise is information gathering.

We head to monks. Fight some ice trolls. Bypass first part of hard path riding owls. Stop after 6 miles of travel in a small village on that path. Villagers are wary and keep eyes averted. Meet with Grandma Fostramma and two women – Grecia and Susanna. The town is called Moorhollow. Corgryn needs to get a talisman from Grandma.

A weird man with really big eyes came through town most recently.

Session 72

From previous – Find 2 scroll cases (scatter, thunderstep → Belarra) and 2 potions (gaseous form → Dorsidhion, greater mana = 2d4+2 → Dorsidhion). Stone with glyph picked up (luck stone, attuned, +1 all saves and skills → Corgryn). And a rod (immovable rod → Dorsidhion).

We get a fan (of wind) from the air portal, and a decanter (of endless water) from water portal → both Mordecai

Robes of eyes (attuned → Belarra), wand of chain links (wand of binding with 21 charges do not recharge → Dorsidhion), 700g, necklace with pendant (Jubilex).

In the pool to the north, there was a few items (no longer there anything there). Elves probably stole it.

Wizard we attacked in Violetcliff is working with Lte Dumain to scry on Lamont. He is currently in the mountains north of us. Violetcliff seems to be doing well with regards to Black Hand. Also, portal has been used (mainly on low level people) to cure people who give information. Information may be spreading that it exists. Gleis and Pavel want to head back to guard the portal.

Now will determine if go to Whiteport or monk people.

Session 71

We find the magic circle and when interacting it with (and casting a fire spell), a fire elemental appears. Find tapestries and symbology which shows that forgotten people were here. We find a portable hole (Dorsidhion).

Find 2 scroll cases and 2 potions. Stone with glyph picked up.


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