Silfrek Campaign

Session 64

The inn where the Black Hand is staying is the Thirsty Porter.

Go to leader’s house. Take out black hand guard. Find dwarf leader and learn that put silver in Millesant’s hand. But 4 spirit’s guard tomb: betrayer, shield, warrior, chronicler. Two black hand’s were at inn (they come to house and we killed them). Two more are with elf (Gaillarde) at tomb.

Find two potions – potion of mana (Mordecai) and potion of vitality. Vial of poison.

Find letter says: 3 bandits, a new cluster of pustaloids, two priests, and two heralds – if that doesn’t do job, cannot help you Probably backup that will arrive this evening.

Come upon Gaillarde and get into battle.

Session 63
On the road again

Kill snow-elves. We find: Pair of nice boots (Boots of Tracks), potion (fire resistance), 6 gems (moonstones 50g each), snow-drop lily, 2 more ice seeds

Boots of Tracks: While wearing these boots, you can command them to leave tracks identical to those left by any other creature. You may choose which creature you will emulate; it must be no more than one size larger or smaller than you.

We know that the bloodstone is associated with St. Millisant.

Black hand have taken over this town. Elven woman took over town. Tried to send messengers out, but none have come back. Some people come down from upstairs who frighten the whisper contact Naivarra was talking to.

We decide next time we will strike on elven woman and then other 3 black hand members since they seem close to getting the bloodstone.

Session 62

Allies include Griza (bard), Berwyn heavygut, librarian.

Get amulet of proof against detection and location for 500g and gorgon parts from tim tam.

Naivarra gets info from a Whisper agent. A hit is put out on White Hearts from a Black Hand person Galliana. Also, Biero wants the bloodstone from Butterbridge near Merriville. He sent regiment to get it. (Old magic, not work I am aware of).

While we stay at temple of helm cannot be visited in dreams. Also safe from scrying for 25g per night.

Set out for butterbridge, should arrive 1 day before regiment. Encounter snow elves along the way.

Session 61
Oh shit

Paul the secretary brings Belarra into Wulfa office. Part of conversation – people are not supposed to be able to teleport off campus. Jeffrey Merfoll – a fancy-pancy mage (top ranking in college, advisor of Wulfa, upper leader of Blue Brotherhood) – gets story as well. Scoffs at idea of brotherhood being involved.

Interrogate wizard from arcane college (Clement). Defensive of blue brotherhood anytime they are mentioned, lots of ‘I don’t recall/they aren’t involved’. When ask about Pagan, he (poorly) says he doesn’t know who that is. When talk about Lamont, says he came to the brotherhood. Wanted to know history of city – who founded it, why districts have their names – but we know Clement is lying (omission).

Clement gives up that Lamont wanted information on weather and protection crystal for the city of Violetcliff. Says Theobald was not involved but is obviously lying. Blue brotherhood takes Clement away after this.

Welsys Knackle (mid-cliffs) was dead on arrival, with parchment with a crab claw on it. Lillian Blessedborn (second-in-command) was captured. Under-cliffs person (Nathie) was not captured (got away). Overrun by ghouls – crazed green-eye addicts.

Belarra notes that Jeffrey is getting updates (he’s coming back, he spoke). Party meets with Wulfa with Kirk Flatforge with note from Lt. Dumain.

From Lillian, learn Bierro Nalto moves around a lot, but correspondence mainly comes from east. They were trying to find additional revenue sources and were buying old mines.

Dorsidhion is visited by meenloch, a fey creature thing that runs away.

Belarra dreams about huge shadow man, probably squirrel kicker.

Belarra will listen in on disciplinary committee.

Dorsidhion notices Belarra, Mordecai, and Corgryn have cut on left pointer finger fingernail. Means they have piece of us for scrying, etc.

Session 60

Fight with dwarf and wizards. Capture lesser wizard. Dwarf and other wizard escape. Mordecai and Pavel went down. Teleport to Pillar of Eldath. Belarra stays in college to speak with headmaster.

Naivara stole some very fine robes (10), 20 gp each

Wulfa Anskuld – headmaster
Geoffrey Merfall – high in brotherhood
Lyneya Scroggs – librarian

Find letter from Lamont to General Tristam Gate – general of Hukumdarian army, to help against Silfrek. Another letter in giant – correspondence with a giant yarl Ragnhild Ã…smundottir – to form an alliance. Another letter, addressed to W, about frustration in failing to find ‘the item’. Last is sealed letter – from Great and Honorable Hagmar Sianendel (leader of Order of Pure Self) – process slower than expected but enough units should be provided by deadline. Name of wizard whose room we were in is Theobald Housely.

Next time – Belarra will speak with Headmaster. Party will talk with Lte. Dumain.

Session 59

Helm of Teleportation (4 charges) – Pavel
Ring of Regeneration – Gleis

See a spectral minotaur. In a maze of huge hedges.

Procure from Maze – 1 intact, 1 broken horn of Gorgon, gall bladder of Gorgon (an ‘aphrodesiac’, Ruby which Minotaur and mazes formed from.

Exit maze into Arcane college, Lamont and his wizard friend are in an office. There is another wizard in the office.

Rescue the sorceress!
Session 58

An order of tieflings malice was ordered. After much delay, and growling, Mordecai delivered the malice, unfortunately late in the initiative order so he died.

Session 57

We go to Lord Chubb for dinner. Corgryn is not able to sneak into the yard area. There are 3 dwarf guards, outside searching, 1 human inside.

Family not actually rich. He has no confidence and confesses everything about his own life. Lamont pays for all his stuff. He is terrified of Lamont. He is the introduction but not part of the meetings. He has seen Pagan once – describes as man of shadow. Gives me a list of all nobles he’s met with. Some are major players. There 17 total. Lamont comes with a bodyguard, if Pagan comes, there will also be a 4th person. Chubb was promised a keep (in the barony) from a rival family that caused part of his destitution. He was also promised their daughter.

We try to get group in as guards but Harry flubs getting the Lamont hired guards to leave. Corgryn and Naivarra sneak in. Lamont joins for dinner in the meeting room. Asks Belarra how she would feel if Silfrek didn’t win the war.

Belarra with Lamont and Harry in the meeting room. Naivarra and Dorsidhion in storage room. Mordecai outside the door to the basement. Corgryn in the library down the hall.

Belarra meeting with Lamont – She tells him she has connections to high ranking nobles in territory Alaghsun of in Hukumdar. Including Daniel Icke, Colonel in the army in Hukumdar, friends to Innsbrooks. Natalia says she is close with his son. There is some one else in the room who is invisible and informing. Also book is gone. He realizes Belarra has arcane abilities, considers how it can be used to his advantage. Human man appears, early 30s, he is in functional clothing and armor but he seems uncomfortable in it, pendant of Azuth on his neck, with symbol of Brotherhood of Blue on his neck. Belarra lets Lamont know that she charmed Lord Chubb which gains her some respect. He is wearing plated armor, has a helm, has a large maul with an enchanted blue gem in it (abjuration). He is not super intelligent, more of a brute, has mage to supplement in other areas. Offers docking and trading rights in Wyvernfield to further ’Natalia’s’ influence in Silfrek. Says they are friends with Baronness there. Better Belarra does at helping them will give her more power. Wants: Get in contact with Colonol Ike. Bringing Lady Livina Batkin to Lamont with something he can use to influence her. I ask about a docks not being profitable due to freezing over. He doesn’t think it will be an issue. But doesn’t seem to know much more about an unnatural force here.

Belarra asks a servant to bring the Tieflings Menace to seal the deal with Lamont. Belarra will twin hold person on Lamont and mage. Or if things are bad for me before anyone comes, dimension door to outside of basement on first floor.

Session 56

Meet with Rorik and the Lieutenant Dumain of City Guard about Black Hand info. Found out that hulked out Black Hands will explode even if they are not killed after a certain about of time. They become of demonic nature during that time.

Lamont Torunn (dealing in high cliffs, talking with nobles, know the name Pagan – talked of with respect and fear), Welsys Nackle (gnome dealing in midcliffs, chatter with mining companies, Nathye Kesalt (in charge of undercliffs) [names from the notebook]

Rorik will go after undercliffs. Harry Chubb is noble that Lamont uses for meeting with other nobles. We go after him. Belarra finds bard friend Grizia to get info about Lord Chubby. Find out he is spoiled and a Bachelor. He is currently in the Golden Ladle. Group goes to scout his house, while Belarra goes to meet Lord Chubb.

Talks about his families wealth and power and mining influence, he lies about much of this to make himself seem more important. When mention Lamont he spins a ring on his finger, and some one slinks away who appears to have been watching. He asks what I want – lists off some of the areas in the barony near Violetcliff. He will introduce Lamont to me tonight and expects an ‘entrance fee’

Group goes in as gardeners to fix the manor’s garden which mole Dorsidhion destroyed. They fail at getting info. They leave mole skunks.

Session 55

Corgryn gets info on the Order of the Pure Self – Surging river (east and north), blackwater falls, head toward Brefyk cliffs and take welcome trail (for initiates) and flaring slopes (difficult path, but can bypass trial).

Amastacia is a bitch. Belarra is frustrated with her.

Mordecai finds other woman from vision, She is being taken care of at a house of healing, she is catatonic. It seems as if Amastacia pays for her to stay here.

Barbs of Loviatar – enjoy the pain their victims, Hali is one of them.

Give Amastacia the potion of mind reading to speak with comatose woman. Overhear name Bishop Sepret, something about broken vows, apologies, and Halyxarus gave me this.

Sees Haly every 6 months or so, but randomly and is a loose checkin about their other sister (comatose) Dellahne. And hers is Winphira. Dead girl is Gilfnoa, another sister, the youngest, she took her own life, but there is a man to blame. Haly gave her a heptagram – symbol of supreme 7 (the ‘gods’) – but this one is inverted to represent seal of death gods which keeps them bound to shadowfell. She was told to keep it on her person at all times, Dellahne has one as well.


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