Silfrek Campaign

Session 37


Looking at treasure:
-Gauntlets = transmutation magic (strength of ogres) – to Mordecai
-Trident = electric properties, similar symbolism as crown with giant seashells, shaft made of alien coral – to Belarra
-Rod = octopi suckers which move on own/grasp/numbing effect – Dorsidhion
-Potion = mind-reading – Naivara
-Fireball necklace – Corgryn

Kuatoa approach, some begin to worship Belarra as their queen since she is so regal in her crown and trident. One does not believe and due to some failed intimidation and performance checks, other Kuatoa are convinced to attack the party to their quick demise.

Belarra tells remaining Kuatoa to be good and remember their saviors kindly, she does not end up taking on the queen/god role (though she is called god mother as he leaves). Dorsidhion does not really approve.

Boggles provide Dorsidhion with Underdark mushrooms as thanks for killing Nairuth.

Find vein of carelian. We mine 9 hunks of it (27lbs) – in Dorsidhion’s bag of holding.

From a rift, 12 pods with eye stalks and tentacles speak in our minds with funny voices. Help tie ropes, ask where we are going, tell Kuathian sea, tell us to avoid Twilight Ocean, tell us they share thoughts for food and call themselves flumphs. Belarra shares thought with them – thinks of mountain and feels like she is there and it feels like a massage. Flumph I share with is Poonan. The rest of the party is lame and doesn’t share with the hungry flumphs even though they help us cross the rift.

Dorsidhion senses a lay node nearby. There is chamber off the path which appears to be a perfect sphere, in the center are 8 sphere boulders, and a pig nose, big beard and crazy hair, goat legs, and appears to be made of broken mud/stone with stone hooves. His name is Kenpak.

Dorsidhion talks to him in Sylvan. There are Behirs everywhere, they are not intelligent so can be tricked. The dragon was the pet of something alien which is in control of village near the black bog. Give him 3 pearls, 2 pieces of jade, 1 garnet, 4 tourmaline to add to his mural (Dorsidhion’s share of Underdark loot).

Enter large cavern, round a lake in the middle and three eyes pop up from lake. Tentacle comes out and grabs Dorsidhion.


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