Silfrek Campaign

Session 48

**New Inspiration and skill check rules.

Chukhofu is beholder. 4 gnomes guard his pool (don’t know what is inside). Kellen speaks common. The pool has divination magic associated with it. Give gnomes the umberhulk eyes as a trophy. They ask for Belarra as a trophy. Then Chukhofu —appears.

Naivara is paralyzed and turned to stone. Dorsidhion shapes her into stone wall to keep her safe for now. Get out of Beholder’s lair but leave Naivara is left behind.

Find large chunks of: 1 topaz, 1 amethyst, 1 tourmaline [2 lbs each]. Small diamond. Chunk of unknown metal [15 lbs] from before [21lbs total]

Come across a giant. We yell out that we are friends. He appears rock-like and has runes on his cheeks. Corgryn spars with the giant to test their strength against each other. He impresses the giant. The giant asks for aid in his quest. Giant protects us while we sleep.

Giants name is Isaak Grigorievich. Wants to destroy the evil eye.


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