Silfrek Campaign

Session 50

Beholder used an oracle who used the pool. The pool has divination magic with an abjuration glyph in the center. Need code words to use.

The gnomes seem to have been charmed. They are now shell shocked. Find room of statues with gold/silver inlay. Find Isaak’s father’s head. Many different creatures here. Belarra sketches/takes notes on ones she is unfamiliar. Oracle is a grey dwarf. She is blind and we cannot communicate with her. We find the Beholder’s store rooms.

- A shelf with a total of 8 potions. You recognize 4 of them as potions of healing, and two of them are potions of greater healing. [potion of invisibility (to Naivarra), superior potion of healing] (1 regular, 1 greater to Mordecai; 1 regular, 1 greater to Belarra)
- There is a satchel with a variety of colorful dyes. [Mistal’s marvelous pigments]
- A stone bust of a contorted face of fear with a helmet not made of stone. [conjuration magic]
- A collection of bones and exoskeletons

  • Books:
    - Manual of Bodily Health
    - The Codex of Aban {Draconic}
    - The Avin Shards {Elvish}
    - XXXX {unknown, same as Cliand’s black book}
    - XXXX {unknown, same as Cliand’s black book}
    - The Hilemo Slates {Giant} [Give as gift to giants]
    - The Compendium of Shadow Worlds {Elvish}
    - X the Mystic’s Rules of Dungeon Survival {Common}
  • Wealth:
    - 1 Fire opal
    - 4 Rough Pieces of Onyx [Give 2 to giants]
    - 6 Shards of Sardonyx [Give 3 to giants]
    - 2 Blue Spinel
    - 23 lbs. of gold dust
    - 37 lbs. of silver dust

Head with giant and gnomes to stone giant home (off to right on map). The Volkhvzhret is the giant leader. Appears she is a statue, she is blindfolded . After receiving gifts of giant tome and some gems, she removes blindfold and has grapefruit sized diamond eyes and turns friends back to flesh. Isaak is condemned for having disobeyed giants and attacking beholder. Mordecai and Raxis speaks with Volkhvzhret.

Drop off gnomes, buy lizards of from them for 30gp .


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