Silfrek Campaign

Session 57

We go to Lord Chubb for dinner. Corgryn is not able to sneak into the yard area. There are 3 dwarf guards, outside searching, 1 human inside.

Family not actually rich. He has no confidence and confesses everything about his own life. Lamont pays for all his stuff. He is terrified of Lamont. He is the introduction but not part of the meetings. He has seen Pagan once – describes as man of shadow. Gives me a list of all nobles he’s met with. Some are major players. There 17 total. Lamont comes with a bodyguard, if Pagan comes, there will also be a 4th person. Chubb was promised a keep (in the barony) from a rival family that caused part of his destitution. He was also promised their daughter.

We try to get group in as guards but Harry flubs getting the Lamont hired guards to leave. Corgryn and Naivarra sneak in. Lamont joins for dinner in the meeting room. Asks Belarra how she would feel if Silfrek didn’t win the war.

Belarra with Lamont and Harry in the meeting room. Naivarra and Dorsidhion in storage room. Mordecai outside the door to the basement. Corgryn in the library down the hall.

Belarra meeting with Lamont – She tells him she has connections to high ranking nobles in territory Alaghsun of in Hukumdar. Including Daniel Icke, Colonel in the army in Hukumdar, friends to Innsbrooks. Natalia says she is close with his son. There is some one else in the room who is invisible and informing. Also book is gone. He realizes Belarra has arcane abilities, considers how it can be used to his advantage. Human man appears, early 30s, he is in functional clothing and armor but he seems uncomfortable in it, pendant of Azuth on his neck, with symbol of Brotherhood of Blue on his neck. Belarra lets Lamont know that she charmed Lord Chubb which gains her some respect. He is wearing plated armor, has a helm, has a large maul with an enchanted blue gem in it (abjuration). He is not super intelligent, more of a brute, has mage to supplement in other areas. Offers docking and trading rights in Wyvernfield to further ’Natalia’s’ influence in Silfrek. Says they are friends with Baronness there. Better Belarra does at helping them will give her more power. Wants: Get in contact with Colonol Ike. Bringing Lady Livina Batkin to Lamont with something he can use to influence her. I ask about a docks not being profitable due to freezing over. He doesn’t think it will be an issue. But doesn’t seem to know much more about an unnatural force here.

Belarra asks a servant to bring the Tieflings Menace to seal the deal with Lamont. Belarra will twin hold person on Lamont and mage. Or if things are bad for me before anyone comes, dimension door to outside of basement on first floor.


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