Silfrek Campaign

Session 52

The one where stupid ashley wasn't here to take stupid notes

Dorsiethion finds a horse. It’s Naivara’s.

There’s a giant crowd at the front of Violetcliff. Soldiers are hanging out food to the people of the underdark. The knights are the Silver Dragon Knights. These dudes are super elite. This is some sort of supply caravan that the knights are protecting. Two of the grain silos in town exploded and this appears to be a big problem.

Got info from Lt. Dumein about the results of the one shot.

Resurrected Sim.

Naivara met with the Poison Master of the Whisper, Phera, and got some glass things that help her apply poison. Phera also offered an apprenticeship. She asked Naivara to hunt some nearby wyverns and return with the poison. Helped Naivara make poison out of the grell tentacles.

Completed the ritual to restore the black hand. Belarra’s arcane focus had a strong reaction to the elemental lightning. Dorsidhion was able to retrieve Pavel’s soul and revive him.

Three members of the black hand showed up and pulled long black swords out of the ether.


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